RSCDS Bristol Day School,   Musician’s Workshop – 2023 – Updates

Here you will find listed any updates to scores and sets and resources added together with the date when this took place.

Triple Happiness – Dean Strathspey – re-chorded.

Good Hearted Glasgow – The Gobio – missing chords in B music added together with F#s in the B music.

Sugar Candie – Neil Gow’s Wife – 2nd line 2nd bar should be Gm /

Reel of the Royal Scots – MacArthur Road – lead in chord is B7

Miss Haddon’s Reel – Andy’s Saltire – 2nd time bar note changes A not C#

Bratach Bana – Orig tune – Last line bar 3 Emo chord should be Em7

Chequered Court – Runrigg -last line bar 3 F/d should be F#/d

Sugar Candie – Jimmy Allen’s Favourite, missing 1st and 2nd time bars added

City Lights, Micah Thomson of Mile End, lines 3, 4 & 5 bar 3, F#/? ?

City Lights – Micah Thomson of Mile End, lines 3, 4 & 5 bar 3 should be F#/bm7

 Dream Catcher – Rosie lines 2 & 4 bar 1 second chord should be D#/b7

Reel of the Royal Scots, MacArthur Road.  the anacrusis should chord be B7

It is inevitable that typos will keep in despite careful checking. If you spot anything then please do not hesitate to contact me directly via