The Isle of Wight Weekend School

Dances taught in 2022

Diane Rooney:J32 RSCDS Children’s Book
Come Under My PlaidieR32 RSCDS Belfast, Rankin: After the Rain
The Freedom ReelS32 Jennifer Kelly leaflet
There’s Something About ThirtyS32 RSCDS Book 50
RSCDS Teaching Tracks
The Abbot of UnreasonJ32 Levy: Tin Woodman
A Scottish JigJ32 Carr: Let’s All Dance 1
The Heart of MidlothianR32 RSCDS: Sir Walter Scott Dances
Off CourseS32 The Floating Song Book:
Dance Instructions
Bob Shakespeare’s JigJ32 Jennings: 4th Catherine de Barnes Collection
Dance Instructions
Mervyn ShortJ32 RSCDS Graded 3
Well done JackJ32 RSCDS Book 29
Peggy and Arnold’s StrathspeyS32 Ghillies: A Medley for the Millennium
The Reel of the Gordon HighlandersR32 Aad L M Boode
C’est l’AmourJ32 RSCDS Book 34
Welcome to GlasgowS32 Wilkinson: Glasgow 90th Anniversary
Chain LynxR32 Collin: Musician’s Wedding


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