On-line Music Resources for musicians.

In these pages you will find other on-line resources.

Collections of ‘on-line’ music:

Faces and Places: A collection of compositions by the late John Anderson of Montrose

Highland Music Trust: Highland Music Trust (HMT) is an Inverness based Scottish charity that focuses on the preservation, encouragement and celebration of Scottish national and traditional music. HMT believes that the revival of these classic collections is a vital aspect of Scottish culture. Therefore on their site you can find a vast collection of traditional Scottish music all of which has been clearly reprinted to make it as accessible as possible to music lovers and musicians. 

The Session: A repository of shared tunes – predominantly Irish material.

Nigel Gather’s Traditional Music: The tunes are found here are in a number of collections which can be accessed using links. The majority of tunes are Scottish, but there is a huge variety of other types of tunes as well.

The Traditional Tune Archive: An invaluable source of tunes and background information.