Craigellachie is one of the UK’s most innovative and exciting Scottish Country Dance bands based south of the border. For over 30 years the band has been playing disciplined Scottish dance music that is both good to dance and listen to, taking pride in its musical arrangements. The band is at home in the ballroom or at reeling parties.

On this website you can find out where the band is playing, download sound clips, sheet music, and learn more about Craigellachie’s music and its individual members



Rognvald Brussason: this has become the band’s signature tune over the years – played as our ‘warm-up’ set every evening.

One question we are often asked is how is the band’s name pronounced. Named after the Village in Speyside and possibly because it is one our favourite single malts (!) we thought this YouTube clip might help the uninitiated!

How to pronounce the Band’s name!

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