Reel Friends, Vol 1. 1993

This is the second of Ann Dix’s collection of dances and first in the series of Reel Friends devised by Ann a well known dance teacher in London and the South East who also danced to the band on many occasions . Reel Friends is written for friends. The band line-up here is Ian Muir (Accordion), Stuart Forbes (Fiddle), Liz Muir Keyboard and Graham Hamilton (Drums) Unfortunately the album is no longer available.

  • Why Not (4×40 Reel)
  • Culla Bay (4×32 Strathspey)
  • Two of the Best (96 bar Jig)
  • The Vale of Strathmore (3×32 Strathspey)
  • Forbes Rant (8×32 Jig)
  • The Haggis Hunters (64S, 64R)
  • Shene Gate (4×32 Jig)
  • Tom Steele (4×32 Strathspey)
  • The Penny Whistle (8×32 Jig)
  • Black Potts (4×32 Strathspey)
  • Bon Voyage (8×32 Reel)

To give you a flavour of the Album here are some sample tracks

Forbes Rant (8×32 Jig) – The Murray River, Luggin the Amp, Aunt Mary’s Jig, Travelling on the Tube
Black Potts (4×32 Strathspey Two Chords) – The Iron Man, Lady Carmichael of Castle Craig, Allister McAllister, Captain Horne
Bon Voyage (8×32 Reel) – Dancing the Baby, Always welcome, Miss Harriet Millbourne’s Reel, Luggin the Box