Farewell to Paternoster Square (1991)

During Summer Saturday evenings The London Highland Club organised dances at Paternoster Square with live music usually with Frank Reid’s Band. When he was unavailable McBain’s Band, Brian Hamilton’s Band and Craigellachie would often fill in. It was always an enjoyable evening of dancing and music if not sometimes a windy place to be. With the Dome of St Paul’s towering above it was an ethereal setting for a dance. When the Corporation of London re-developed the site these dances ceased and to mark this the band, in association with the London Highland Club released this album on cassette tape. The Album contains 9 full-length dances closely associated with the London Highland Club including a dance devised by Graham Cattell to mark the last dance in the square. On this recording appear two musicians who have had long associations with the band. Stuart Forbes (Fiddle) who played with the band for many years, and John Browne (Harmony Accordion) still playing with the band today. This was the first 5-piece recording of the band. The band line-up here is Ian Muir (Accordion), Stuart Forbes (Fiddle), John Browne (Harmony Accordion), Liz Muir Keyboard and Graham Hamilton (Drums) Unfortunately the album is no longer available.

  • Farewell to Paternoster Square (24S, 48R)
  • Farewell to Paternoster Square (Encore, (24S, 48R))
  • Valerie Rixon’s Jig (8×32 Jig)
  • The Falls of Bracklyn (4×32 Strathspey)
  • J B Milne (8×32 Reel)
  • The London Highland Club’s Farewell to Fetter Lane (4×32 Reel)
  • The London Highland Club’s Farewell to Fetter Lane (Encore, 4×32 Reel))
  • The Robertson 80 bar Strathspey)
  • Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterader (128 bar Jig)

To give you a flavour of the Album and the early five-piece sound of Craigellachie here are some sample tracks

Farewell to Paternoster Square (24 Strathspey, 48 Reel) – The Earl of Epsom, Ian Muir’s Compliments to John Browne
Wild Geese (8×32 Jig) – Mrs MaPherson of Cluny, 10th Battalion HLI, Kintore House, The Emperor’s Warriors
The Robertson Rant (80 bar Strathspey) – Captain Carswell