The Isle of Wight Weekend School

Dances taught in 2021

Fred DeMarse:
An Officer and a GentlemanR32 David Tague leaflet
Marianna’s StrathspeyS32 Jennifer Kelly leaflet
Purdy Pink ShoesJ32 Elaine Hoag – Ardbrae Dancers, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The MoudiewortRSCDS Book 11
Keppoch’s RantS32 RSCDS Book 8
Lady Mary Cochrane’s ReelR32 RSCDS Book 26
Di Rooney:
A Ring of FriendshipJ32 Betty Grant, Laurel Collection
The Compleat GardenerJ32 RSCDS Graded 3
The Thursday DramS32 Marian Bennett
PortincapleR32 R Cooper, Birmingham Platinum Book 2016
The Dunedin Festival DanceR32 RSCDS A Guide to SCD (ex-Collins)
Joanna’s JigJ32 Gary Coull, Celebrating 90 Years Banffshire
La Crème de la CrèmeJ32 Alison Robertson
By DundonaldS32 Ian Barbour, Repeat Prescription
Da Rain Dancin’R32 RSCDS 30 Popular Dances Vol 2


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