Thistle Club’s Day School,   Musician’s Workshop – 2023 – Updates

Here you will find listed any updates to scores and sets and resources added together with the date when this took place. Please note that the full length tracks (Clutha, Singing Sands, Jimmy’s Fancy and Airie Bennan may not be covered on the day and will be used in the context of consolidation of teaching points but will be used at the evening dance.)

May 22nd 2023: – Scores for the following were added:

Festival Fling, Mrs Stewart’s Jig, A Capital Jig ,Clutha

May 23rd 2023: – Scores for the following were added.

Jimmy’s Fancy, Anniversary Reel, Crammond Bridge. Programme updated

May 25th 2023:

Festival Fling – alignment of chords in Willie Anderson corrected

May 28th 2023:

Scores for Tulloch Gorm, The Singing Sands and Anne McArthur were added. The Programme was also up-dated but is not yet complete

June 1st 2023:

Scores for Last of the Lairds, Here’s a Hand, Mrs MacLeod and Airie Bennan have been added. Programme has been updated also.

June 6th 2023:

Tunes for Minard Castle, The Elusive Muse and EH3 7AF Added. Programme updated.

June 19th 2023:

Anne McArthur – Letham Ladies note key-signature change last 16 bars (A major) last but one bar G# not G naturals

Tulloch Gorm: Orig Missing chord bar 15 is F, Highland Harry line 7 bar 1 1st note is A not B, last line some change to capitalisation of chords

June 23rd 2023:

Minard Castle: Jack Delaney – change to leading notes now F# E, Flirtation H/pipe bar 4 1st note now D (not E)

Jimmy’s Fancy: Lord Seaforth (First tune) – bar 12 first two notes now D B

The Singing Sands: Bonnie Galowa’ – bar 11 melody now E E C# B , I Wish I was in Glasgow – bar 14 dotted minim is an E, same bar 30

June 30th 2023:

Backing tracks for the following up[loaded.

The Singing Sands (32 x 32)

Airie Bennan (5 x 32)

Clutha (4 x 48 Reel)

Ally Bally (2 x32) (Capital Jig)

Smithy’s Black Beauty (32 bars Slow)

Thieves Road (Mrs MacLeod)

July 4th 2023 :

The Last of the Lairds: Stool of repentance ‘B’ music has been re-worked and 8 bars added with the repeats taken away. Backing Track added. ‘Hints and Tips’ Jigs

Singing Sands: Sandy Ower the Lea 16 bars * 32 bars Backing Tracks

Mrs MacLeod: Thieves Road – ‘B’ music 16 bars slow

Mrs Stewart’s Jig: Mrs Oswalde of Achencruive’s Reel- Bar7 (1st time bar) first chord should be Gm not G

July 16th 2023

Correct score for The Last of the Lairds now uploaded.

Cowboy Jig – repeat marks, 1st and 2nd time bars added to A music, Missing bar in 2nd part line added.

Anne McArthur: Letham Ladies – top of second page, bar 4 the B is a C Sharp

Tulloch Gorm: Highland Harry – repeat marks at the end of line 4.

Anniversary Reel: missing chord at start of Miss Kay Rose is a n E7

Here’s a Hand: Auld Luckie – last line bar 3 second bass note and chord should be F sharp/d rather than F/d, repeat mark added – Cathkin Braes 2nd bar chords added, Key signature added. – Gordon the Goalie 2nd bar chords added, repeat mark for B music added.

The Last of the Lairds: Stool of Repentance last line bar 2 chords added – Jigs for Jane has key signature changed to D -2nd Stool of Repentance – D key signature.

A Capital Jig: The Reunion – last line bar 2 missing chords added.

It is inevitable that typos will keep in despite careful checking. If you spot anything then please do not hesitate to contact me directly via